“Okay, so what’s the play?”

Like nearly every writer I know, I have problems with inertia. Taking inspiration from – or, if you are cynical, totally ripping off – Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, whose fabulous collection/experiment 365 Days – 365 Plays I am currently burning through, I am going to write a piece of theatre every day for a year. I thought a bit of public pressure might be motivating.

When Ms. Parks told her husband about her plan he said “Yeah, baby, that’d be cool,” because he is awesome. Having no husband, I must rely on the internet to say this to me. Ready, internet?

Aaaaaand GO!

Thanks baby! I’ll let you read them as I write them!

In theatre, days on which there is no performance – typically Mondays – are referred to as “dark”. Since I gotta do this every day for a year, I don’t get any dark days. I just thought I’d lay that out, since the name of the blog could prove misleading, because this shit is gonna get dark, I promise you. Hopefully also funny. Possibly offensive, or confusing. Potentially boring or pretentious. Likely dorky here and there. Something for everyone I hope! The stage directions may get ridiculous. But hey if it’s good enough for a Pulitzer winner…

Feel free to comment, or prompt me with suggestions. Send me a link to some weird news article if you want. I take requests, though I may not play them, though if I do, I will try to give a shout-out.

First play sometime tonight! Check back!

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