October 01 2012 – The Do Over

The Do Over: Part I

A pantomime. Silent movie piano over everything.

MARCUS and AMELIA. Talking, friendly.

MARCUS tries to kiss AMELIA, she recoils. Regrets the gut reaction, and the hurt it’s caused, but does not relent. She simply doesn’t feel that way about him. He is heartbroken but continues the conversation.

AMELIA bids him goodbye. They hug. He watches her leave.

An unnatural flash of light from the wings toward which she is exiting.

She is met on the other side of the stage by FUTURE MARCUS several years older and much suaver.

She falls for FUTURE MARCUS instantly. It is ridiculous. MARCUS watches, devastated.

FUTURE MARCUS escorts her offstage, hangs back as MARCUS approaches with aggressive intent, reaching into his jacket.

They both instantly pull guns on each other. THE SAME GUN!

FUTURE MARCUS gestures, “be cool”. Produces a folded up piece of paper from his pocket, drops it to the ground. Exits. Unnatural flash of light.

MARCUS picks up and unfolds paper, reads it greedily. On the paper are the plans for a time machine. MARCUS grins, nodding.

Years pass. MARCUS amasses the knowledge, skills, and materials necessary to build a time machine. I suggest a montage here.

Finally when MARCUS has reached the age that FUTURE MARCUS was, his invention is ready. He takes the plans, folds them up. He walks offstage. There is an unnatural flash of light.

He re-enters. On the other side of the stage are AMELIA and PAST MARCUS, who is the same age that MARCUS once was. The sequence from earlier repeats itself, but MARCUS forgets to be ready with the gun this time and is shot by PAST MARCUS. MARCUS sinks to the ground, AMELIA is over him, weeping. She stares daggers at PAST MARCUS, who slinks off, dazed at what he’s done.

Almost dead, MARCUS hands the folded up plans to AMELIA, who takes them, uncomprehendingly.

MARCUS dies. AMELIA weeps, clutches at his body. Feels something in the pocket of his jacket. Reaches in. Pulls out the gun. THE SAME GUN!

She looks off where PAST MARCUS exited. Lays the gun on MARCUS’s body, unfolds the plans and reads. Realization dawns. Looks offstage toward the time machine. Picks up the gun. Nods coldly and exits, gun held aloft in one hand, furiously reading the time machine plans in the other.

An unnatural flash of light.


Creative Commons License
This work by Ryan F. Hughes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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